Sails are set up when does the journey start?

Ok. Now that is interesting. Very interesting. Last week the first financial supporter agreed to help me for getting to Brazil. Today the corporation that was initially interested told me they wanna get involved after my return.

Ok. This is interesting. I need to prove that I am a player. Right now I am tired, being constantly confronted with my weaknesses and shadows over the last week. Living an unfulfilled love and still knowing that I prevent myself from get closer is just sucking energy. I need to get out of this unsatisfying situation.

After crushing my last business and being confronted with debts and no idea what my way will be I really need to change. The patterns remain the same, the consequences are getting more and more dramatically. Somehow there is something in me hindering me to get there. It doesn't feel easy it feels as a constant fight against me.

What is my game?

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