presente! - Education Movement

Let's unify inspirational learning environments with the huge potential of us and especially our kids.
Together with an inspiring team of educators, freethinkers and game changers we initiated an international movement for promoting the Education Revolution. presente! mobilizes the strengths of a highly dynamic and innovative part of the educational system and gains a multiplier effect by bonding those institutions by establishing a platform of exchange and co creation. The platform consists of action research, local and national impact gatherings and a collaborative online space. This creates the opportunity to exchange and share local experiences, knowledge and successful examples nationally and globally.

Too many projects and foundations working on same issues of education with different results. We don’t want to optimize the system but gain a greater impact by rethinking the whole system and co create with well-connected and highly rewarded educators and game changers. 
By better contribution, decentralized decision makers, identifying and educating competent learning experts and implement a community currency. During a action research, called Edu On Tour, a team of game changers visits outstanding educators and institutions. Their assignment is to identify and present inspiring initiatives that are reinventing schools; using new curriculum designs and teaching methods; creating innovative learning environments; and are rethinking their system through the use of technology more creatively and providing more personalized collaborative, creative, and problem-solving learning spaces.[i]

[i] Compare: Charles Leadbeater and Annika Wong; Learning from the extremes