Creating a kind of Serious Game that has never been played before.

Communicating the idea of creating a virtual game layer that is played in real world got me into some great discussions. Still people are pending and waiting for more clarity. My goal right now is to define a structure for the website and blog and point out the benefit for users to take part of the game.

Maybe we could create an exchange circle like it was created in the miracle of Wörgl. But for that a lively and greater community needs to be active and contributing.
What is happening is just amazing! People are really willing to contribute and collaborate on a larger scale. I found people who have had the same ideas for long time. Wunderbar.

What are my next steps?
  • Tomorrow I will meet with a prospective investor.
  • Christoph will be up for a conversation after that. I love his bracelet idea (I like:)) and the synergies would be great.
  • I need to send a offer to Selma, Ernst Gugler and Makva.
  • Taking a decision what scale the project will look like.
  • I need to send Matthias template for another angel investor.
  • Eva and Thomas should be briefed in order to make a new design for the Homepage and linked to Nico.
  • The crowd funding proposal needs to be explored.
  • the BC developed
  • the description of the challenges better worked out.
How would you move on?

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  1. I have connected with my friend CharlesVanDerHaegen from Belgium, who is a big fan of complementary money as well. http://twitter.com/RalfLippold/status/8918452219674625