Creative solutions appreciated!

It has been an amazing weekend. I got great input regarding our blog experiment and the CEO of Semco replied on my email. Top: brainswork is the next enterprise supporting our game project!

So I am sure that the blog is set up in a professional way and that there will be a huge contribution for bringing discussions of business 2.0 to action.

Besides that we are discussing with Dream AcademiaTV to create a movie about business 2.0. As a benchmark we love the work of KS12: http://vimeo.com/16025167

The game creation is getting more and more important and we found an amazing base to build on: http://www.mindbroker.de/ still a little bit complex but with a great collaboration that can work out perfectly fine.

My personal game quests remain tough. I am still missing clarity of how I should approach companies regarding individualized challenges. So in the meanwhile I will create a crowd funding layer that will include private investors in the fl9wrider game. If you have any ideas let me know! I am on a search for quests in Brazil.

Thank you Nico SchweinzerJanet Thierry, Johannes Frühmann, Matthias Reisinger, Georg Tarne, Selma Prodanovic, Ralf Lippold, the guys from GetActive

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