reality check!

This blog is meant to bring players and go getters together and it is meant to contribute to a professional service in solving case studies by a resourceful global network.

So? Why don't I focus on that? Well mainly because I am not in Brazil yet and still need to come out from a very bottom point of my life in order to deliver. Most of the players that I got to know had great troubles in life and needed to overcome a painful and difficult time before using their superpowers.

I avoided that for too long now. Well I am still not sure if this is the right spot. My goal is not to use it as therapy (even so it might help) but to give you a full picture of how the 'fl9wrider game' is set up. We need to live what we preach.

Beside of my professional goal of deliver value to organizations and professionals my personal goals are to be real and to live my mature and stabilizing sites in order to experience and enjoy balanced relationships.

OK. So what is the situation right now?

What is there:
  • the blog is set up. As you can tell! :))
  • I raised the awareness and interest of many people and professionals.
  • I get support of Brand1, IncrediblEurope, DreamAcademia, playmakers industries, hubble graz (CoWorking space), visionary consultants
  • I have the utterly will and courage to get it done!
  • Many ideas to go on with the 'fl9wrider game' and the network
  • IT and social media support of professionals.
  • Contact to locals who are going to help me, especially with setting up a meeting with Ricardo Semler
  • Very supportive playmakers and hubblers - what an awesome team!!! Love you guys.
  • Indirect contact to the CEO of Semco and Ricardo Semler

What is still missing:
  • at least € 6.000.- Any creative solutions? (Legal ones are highly preferred!)
  • 3 case studies from companies. Do you have any suggestion which companies might be interested? Do you have direct links to that?
  • equipment (notebook, since I destroyed my old one last week, video cam, software to edit movies)
  • knowledge and technical assurance that the interaction can take place
  • people who write on the blog and confirmation of networks to contribute, that is the moment, when your game starts!!!! Now. ;))
  • flight booked and insurance to be taken care of (my sophisticated guess within November!)
  • accommodation found (Well got some leads)
  • direct contact to Semco and Ricardo Semler
  • a clear understanding and description of the 'fl9wrider game' and a graphic scenario (Do you have any clue about some solutions?)

So that is it so far. My personal time frame which is very challenging is to leave before the end of November. Let me know if you can support us to get our quest a bit closer!

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