'life game experiment' is born - You've got the love

Breakthrough. After days of struggeling and searching for clarity I can't fall asleep... to awaken by this idea.

February 10th 2011 will be the deadline for the 'Serious Game Award' The link is unfortunately in German. Thanks to google tanslater non German speaking folks will have more fun.

What about taking the 'life game experiment' to this contest? I suggest a open source project developing a life game around NooPolis. (in a simpler version and with more appealing design and features) The fl9wrider game could be the prototype and draw attention to designers, game developers, economists, creative minds, players, sound technicians, ...

Our benchmark needs to be: http://www.urgentevoke.com/ Great Work Jane!!!!!!!!!!!
Wanna play? Are you in? This experiment could be crowd funded and the final result is a game that combines/links the virtual and real world. With a social intention and sustainable impact. Wohoooooooooo.

Would you help us to bring this idea to life?


  1. Awesome idea! How about making a privat forum/social network which is based on "invite-only"? This way you would only (almost only actually) people, who are willing to actively contribute to the community. As a nice (paradox) side-effect, the community/project gets even more viral :-)

    This is rock'n'roll!

  2. I've been brainstorming this for some time.
    Recently I've come to understand the role played by specialization in the economy of everything.

    When people specialize and exchange the products of their specialization, 1+1 is no longer 2. Sometimes is much much higher.

    The lines of specs in my mind are still around the 4 main clubs: Researchers, Socials, Pragmatists and Humanitarians with each member of the a group being strongly involved in one of the 4 stages of projects (quests): Dreaming, Planning, Doing, Celebrating. The quests will ideally require members from each club, collaborating towards the common goal with each of them taking initiative in their specific area of expertise.

  3. Dear all,

    I would like to invite you to http://mindbroker.de/wiki/NooPolis. Anybody who is already part of the community will get 5.000 KayGroschen (the internal currency) inviting a new member to the community (who also earns KayGroschen).

    The payment is generously paid by http://mindbroker.de/wiki/LockSchuppenAg.

    You can then use the KayGroschen to either buy shares of several enterprise entities in NooPolis or buy services by community members.

    Enjoy and spread the word.