Challenge One acomplished


thank you so much for believing in me. hey wanna meet in Rio?
got a business angel paying for two challenges. thank you Hansi! and some playmakers asked for fun, so I am challenged
  • to learn Portuguese within 1,5 months with busuu
  • to stand on the stage in the Opera
  • to make a picture from Ricardo Semler's terrace. (thanks Janet for her €20.- contribution - system how debths can be transformed to opportunities. do we need bank institutes?)
  • to start a social project in rio. (What do you think about bringing mobile school and an embedded internet stations for street kids. Check out TED)
  • to find a company of at least 500 employees using busuu. (Andrè your chance. And could you hook me up with Estela Souza and Fabiana Valente from the Ralston Semler Foundation and Lumiar?)
  • to write a business canvas for 'challenge me' in London.
  • and Makava is thinking of sending me to Argentina. Wanna join?

updates for playmakers industries
  • carrotTV wants playmakers industries to play with them at their launch at Biofach. Financial playmates for an amazing Serious Game experiment are very welcome.
  • Christoph and me developed the idea of 'challenge me' that will be a homepage and blog, where people can challenge each other.
  • Christoph is taking over the IT lead.
  • got some ideas for the worldpress.
play list for next week
  • prepare a pitch for one more business angel interested until tomorrow morning (check)
  • make a 1 min video for explaining 'challenge me'
  • write an email to Ernst Gugler and Reinhard (check)
  • get a notebook (check)
  • talk to Manuel from DreamAcademia and plan the documentary
  • talk to Nico for creating the WorldPress page. get back with Thomas.
  • talk to Horia to get the Life after Work Design to send it to Nico for the 'fl9wrider hp' and to Christoph for the 'challenge'
  • asking Horia to get a LaW comic character.
thank you guys for an aaaaaaaaaaaawesome day! love you
see you soon! Jeste li obrija?

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  1. Challenge:

    * Find the startup hubs of Rio, get in there and help 2 startups (really help, not just talk to them)
    * Hit a kids diabetes ward in Rio and entertain the poor guys and gals with a game or 2 (need to learn Portugese for this one, so hurry up with that one! ;) )