Status Quo: for my challenges

1,5 weeks after coming to Brazil there is time for a short summary. how are my challenges going on?

I got started pretty well. The launch of an optimized homepage and meetings which I planned are getting on slow whereas the contribution of people who show up right at the spot is just amazing.

Still need to get conclusions about that.

Management innovation challenge
The promised contact to Ricardo Semler disappeared and the person who wanted to use this challenge to start business relationship to me is somehow troubled.
But I will meet with a personal friend of Ricardo next Tuesday and the more I learn about him the more I am sure that he is the right person to talk to.
A creative way of financing this challenge is still needed.

Social business challenge
I got to know to local partners who would coordinate the project are identified. The opportunity occurred that we could do this also in Sao Paulo! Cool.
The contact to 'Mobile School' needs established and strengthened, since I didn't get an answer yet.
A sponsor is still needed.

busuu.com language challenge
This challenge gives me the greatest creeps.:))  I shot awesome and fun material for a social media campaign. My learning progress is not build up in the online platform yet. I really need to do that in order to get my credits done.
I sense a huge market potential since people even in the touristic sector are not able to communicate in English. If you consider that there will be the Olympic Games and the soccer world cup coming up you can imagine how important that will be.
It is hard to get into enterprises since it is short before Christmas and people told me that in January corporate activities will be very low. It is the main holiday time and between Christmas and carnival. I need to find a very creative solution for that! So time might be challenging but there might not be any need for stress.

Yesterday I started with Aikido lessons in preparation for the Caipoera challenge and it gave me a very cool feeling. Over Christmas I will train with Julia, caipoera and Portuguese. So, I am satisfied, still some things need to be figured out but I keep my very positive spirit from Ilha Grande. Let's play.

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