new Challenge!!! Spread out €100.-

Take the 100€ I borrowed you in fall and pay it forward as social investments. I would suggest you divide it / 10. Then look for 10 (small) social challenges, were you can invest 10 € each with the aim, that each 10 € get min 100 € through the wise investment. Tell us some stories about that. (Johannes Frühmann,Frühmann GmbH)


  1. Have one.
    get a Camera, take 10 bucks, go to a shopping street, and offer the paper for free....

    and start wondering, how many people do not want free money. (and put it on youtube)

  2. 10 euros can buy you materials to make pois/ juggling balls. teach your "social challenge" to juggle and they can make 100 eur if they use the 10 euros you give them to make beautiful toys and the skill you give them to put up a street performance.