let yourself loose! you deserve it.

today i experienced real beauty. yes but separates - yes and finds synergies.

often we we have the choice on how we would like to move on and what context is best for us. that needs maturity and also alignment with our free inner child. what fits today, does not have to fit tomorrow or fitted yesterday. those steps need to be made without being affected emotionally. what makes it hard. life is motion, mentally, intellectually, or emotionally.

if you fly you are aware of the fact that you are flying when you experience some turbulence, otherwise it feels like sitting in the couch. those times are also the exciting ones but just experiencing those turbulant times would not do good to many. especially in those times we need to be stable inside. if we are not we are fucked up. though searching in the outside for this stability also means to stick with past success patterns and images that might not apply in the present. we need some turbulence, meaning you need to leave your comfort zone.
at those moments we are experiencing life. at those moments we are experiencing creative problem solving abilities that we would have never known before. at those moments there is no pressure no loosing no failure no winning just room for forgiveness and development. it is materializing your dreams and co creating a common future. evolutionary business. things fall into places and serendipity appears. that is magic and needs to be acknowledged in the future.

that dynamics can also be applied in the development of a team. forming a team that is not based on needs, confronting each other with fears and focusing on it's strengths is a great challenge. our goal of being a team member is to take over ownership and to create a safe environment, in which you have the opportunity to fail. together we need to support each other to hold away our kryptonite and boosting our superpowers. strong individuals coming together creates turbulent times and amazing ways to learn, experience and massive self-fulfillment opportunities. still opportunities yet. maturity needs the strengths to meet person every day as a new person.

our personal problems are shown by relationships.
we face our inner troubles in relationships because we are seeing ourselves in others and attract other people right on time to challenge us. we all act as mirrors for our friends, partners and stakeholders. what we accuse the other is actually inside us. brought up in interactions. that is a normal situation and can be used to learn. if we understand a single activity and its consequences from the eyes of other people we get insights in our patterns and personality.

appreciating a relationship and not escaping the relationship by living a dangerous and fake safe life is not really supported by our society and our expectations how most of us want to be integrated in our economic and social life.

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