Hey gringo meet senhora Augusta!!! (Part 1 of 3: Arrival and desillusionation)

After arriving in Rio, surviving my orientation period and having a very special meeting in the paradise i headed further to São Paulo for having the first meetings with officials and contacts from social networks. My welcome was amazing I got friendly and aaaaaaaaaaawesome support from the Hub crowd (Thanks guys you are really amazing!) and got started quickly. Internet connection was set up right away

The hub network around Ivan, Pablo, Rita, Natale, Alexandre and Paula turned out to be the greatest environment for having professional working conditions. Knowing that we are acting in similar local ecosystems helped a lot. Trust was immediately built up and common playgrounds explored. But also first business contacts were approached and meetings scheduled. I was in a real work flow.
Then smack!! The first one.

I came there highly motivated and ready to take over my challenges. Well soon I got a very disillusioning feedback from all sides. It was freaking cold. (I reduced my luggage and left my warm stuff in Rio) and companies were kind empty. Great playground but nobody to play with!

The time between Christmas, New Year and carnival (summer time and holidays) seems to be standing still in Brazil. Decision makers and employees were taking time off and spending with their families and kids.

Smack, smack: my direct contact to Ricardo Semler had disappeared before meeting me and then I learned that Ricardo was in Japan. Hell yeah.

Holidays and celebrations are the most common words I used to come across. Really the time slowed down and celebrations lasted for days. I could not help even check out the nightlife (for sure not a pity in SP) and had my most promising meetings at night.

Then smack the 2nd: people who promised me their support did not show up or did not deliver. Why do we have to create expectations if we are not putting any efforts in realizing them?? This question is mainly for me personally... (But if you know an answer...)

Well great prerequisites for our challenges! Similar experience before Christmas? Some things might not change. Stay tuned.

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