Hey gringo meet senhora Augusta!!! (Part 2 of 3: Collaboration and personal learning)

Stuck in the Brazilian reality it was an interesting time of learning and first reflection.What actions led to which results?

I experienced from the beginning on that we often use to talk much about possibilities and talked a lot about what could be possible and what could be great. Long conversations and many announcements and only a few actions and even less results. Since I left promised support was often missing and agreed actions not taken. Collaboration started to fade away and often personal problems got an excuse for not being reliable.

What does this mean for building up trust in the future? In which situation can we still enjoy a balance and make the best out of missing our own expectations? Where is it better to take over ownership and make the steps by our own.

We are working more and more on a virtual base and collaborate on a global playground on without seeing (knowing?) each other. Of course I have to ask myself this question why I am affected by this way. Sure there was no money involved and I hope to raise some opportunities for my playmates. On the other side I was missing sometimes that people take over ownership and get the chance of creating value together also in financial terms.

This could of course just work if the present situation allows someone to invest time in an external project if the basic needs are covered. But again why not collaborating on raising money for short term projects. Shared efforts with shared networks. If we take care about our friends and their network there will be a huge benefit for each of the involved parties.

My guess is that pride and missing trust in us that we know how to deal with unknown situations prevents better collaboration. Still everybody to tries overcome personal issues by themselves instead of relying on the strengths and support of others. By a playful approach we could overcome those issues and move on in a more productive way.

While preparing the trip I forgot to play. I was too proud of my 'achievements'! Before leaving Sao Paulo I forgot to play another time. I got the result that I asked for...

What is your experience with mobilizing your network for projects?

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  1. Philippe - What you write I have experienced myself in building up a team learning environment (some call it CoWorking space). In the beginning before the real action is taking place the dreams of all involved people come out. Only when pinned down to actual actions, as small as they might be, you find out who in your "tribe" are really the tribe members, who go with you even though they face difficulties in some or the other sense.

    It will be always just a very small tribe to begin with. People who are dedicated and understand the broader idea and intention of our actions. If not we can't push them into learning! Letting go to go.