coming home

Well lots has happened since my last entry. An amazing journey into a wonderland full of emotions, dreams hope and especially magic.
After coming back to Austria I decided right away to move to Brazil. The people, the wealth of nature and strong force of the south american spirit truly changed something in me. When I am reading my last posts of January I am tempted to believe of not knowing this person. And yes the change is huge and can also be recognized by my, for usual me, unusual relationship status. Yes my friends after some time struggling with my ego and my fears I decided to take responsibility for my life and start to take it for somebody else as well. Guys, I got engaged. A small step for the human mankind a big step for me.
Whereas if you know Julia and if you experience her shining person - you understand. And accepting a person in your life that knows you better than anybody else after 9 months of knowing each other is truly a partner for the rest of your life. She is not only my soul mate but my real love in life.

And taking this into account everything else that followed seems to disappear. My change in my professional attitude. Creating a force that I have never known by me. Taking on the challenges of making a difference in life instead of being just an inspiration for others. Well the next weeks seem to speed up my coming from this turning point.

And I am looking forward to those challenges. They seem to have a complete new depth. Out from the mobile school challenge emerged presente! Out from my inner pressure of realizing something emerges wonderfully and organically playmakers industries. With magic and love. That helps me to find an inner peace and deep knowing.

The fear of failing has become an important partner for getting things done on time. For accepting the difficulties and annoying truths of our system. The ambitiousness was replaced by my will to use my strengths and talents for others. And my idea of working with kids became stronger and stronger. The idea of children educating us to walk on new paths is just manifesting itself with a beautiful flow of magic.

Well it seems that I needed to go to come home. What goes around comes around. After some beautiful days with my family I am ready to take on my challenges. Ready for a new step full of joy and peace. And smiling kids!

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